Package Boilers

Package Boilers

Mechanical Rooms Package Supplier:

Having numerous facilities being supported by our expert engineering team, Pars Jam Control provides complete boiler room packages & items of equipment, namely:

Steam and hot water boilers, vessels, water treatment packages, heat exchangers, heating equipment, irrigation and plumbing, a vast variety of valves for steam, water, gas, oil and marine applications, fire fighting equipment, joints and connections, automated systems, PLC, instruments, etc.

To accomplish our supports, we offer auditing and studying your steam system conditions and planning what-to-do’s free of charge.

After auditing & surveying the site, we will report you:

  • Steam system operational condition
  • Deficiencies in different parts
  • Steam leakage or potentials for wastage
  • nsibilities saving valuable resources.
  • Practical advice on system improvements
  • Cost analysis
  • Priority of actions to be undertaken

Therefore, managing directors may easily decide on the right and appropriate actions. Moreover, Pars Jam Control will support you in:

  • Designing the system and consulting
  • Meticulous product selections
  • Preparing calculations
  • Holding meetings and presenting the outputs of engineering designs
  • Fast delivery of goods due to the immense stock
  • Erecting the items of equipment and pipework and/or supervision
  • Commissioning
  • Guarantee & after-sale services

Pars Jam Control, coupled with different manufacturers of equipment, is capable of procuring the following items:

Steam boiler supply:

  • Fire tube boilers with steam ratings up to 32,000 kg/hr and 3 1 barg working pressures
  • Water tube boilers with steam ratings up to 90 ton/hr and 100 barg working pressures
  • Package boilers and engineering consultations by Machine Sazi Arak

High Tech & specialized steam system packages:

  • Condensate recovery system
  • Condensate pump packages
  • Pressure reducing stations
  • Steam trap stations

Tanks design and construction for various steam systems:

  • Deaerators
  • Blowdown tanks
  • Condensate tanks
  • Flash Vessels

Water treatment packages’ design, manufacture and installation:

  • Chemical injection systems
  • Water softeners
  • O systems
  • Sand filters

Water supply systems’ design, construction and installation:

Electrical systems and equipment’s designing, manufacture and installation in boiler rooms:

Supplying a vast variety of valves and piping elements: