Audits for Plant Optimization

Offering Optimal Energy Recovery Programs For Steam Networks

Problems caused by rising cost of energy (fuel, electricity and water), along with environmental and safety issues are the most important factors influencing steam systems. Reducing energy consumption and plant optimization, on the basis of actual operating conditions of each site,would be ourultimate goal. Steam system urvays along with the following technical offers and system survays include all sectors such as water treatment, steam production, steam distribution and condensate return. Pars Jam Control has professional expertise in full steam system analysis. Each site survey varies according to the circumstances which results in technical and commercial recommendations and finally applicable reports for decision making

Do You Know?

  • Each kilogram of steam and condensate are significantly valuable.
  • Steam systems have strong potentials to implanter go the energy saving programs successfully.
  • With the implementation of energybsaving programs, steam
  • Consumption can be reduced between 15 to 40 percent.
  • The valve through annual steam loss of a 1/2″ steam trap is approximately 10/000/000 Rials.
  • The estimated average cost of producing one ton of steam in Iran is about 120/000 Rials.

Which Parts Are Studied In Steam Surveys?

  • Surveying of steam production, steam distribution and condensate return units
  • Recommending engineering solutions and correct piping
  • Implementation
  • Checking erosions and corrosions in steam and condensate pipes
  • Reducing steam leakages and direct losses
  • Recommending optimal condensate recovery technics and solutions
  • Providing proposals to increase the quality and quantity of production
  • Surveying steam trap stations thoroughly
  • Checking personals and equipments safety
  • Offering preventive maintenance(P.M) plans as required
  • Precise steam system mapping as required
  • Offering equipments needed to pursue above goals and estimating the time needed for capitalreturn.

Steps To Taken For Steam System

  • Setting primary surveys and meetings, collecting maps and technical documents.
  • Identifying areas of energy loss.Testing and evaluating various components of system(piping, valves, equipments, steam traps, etc).
  • Performance mulling of steam using self owned system by the use of especial software’s.
  • Accurate reporting of steam system status.
  • Clarifying problems in different areas, identifying their Cuses and effects.
  • Providing proposals, drawings and related documents.
  • Selecting needed valves & equipments to arrange offer lists.
  • Offering needed items.
  • Maximizing reduction of energy consumption (mainly fuel).
  • Reducing cost of water, chemicals and waste water disposal.
  • Increasing performance of boiler and equipments unit.

Incressing quslity snd quantity of production and minimizing wastages.