The “Steam Systems Engineering” book clearly explains the state-of-the-art technologies applied in steam systems and uses practical examples to help the reader facing with real problems in steam circuits. It covers a wide range of steam engineering topics starting from the principles of steam engineering and heat transfer, covering all aspects of steam and condensate systems from the boiler house, through the steam distribution system to the point of use, and recovering, and returning condensate back to the boiler. Due to the lack of such local resources, it is considered as one of the most comprehensive and practical books in steam field published in Persian. It is compiled based on the technical resources of Spirax Sarco. 
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One of our main objectives is to share our knowledge gained throughout years with our costumers. Hence, each month an experienced engineer of Pars Jam Control publishes an article in Persian in “HVAC Industry” magazine.
Willing to share the knowledge, Pars Jam Control publishes articles monthly in different magazines nationwide.

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  • Kabir Z., “Steam Flowmetering – Part 1” (in Persian), HVAC Industry Magazine
  • Razmi I., “Steam in Heat Exchangers” (in Persian), HVAC Industry Magazine