A complete training solution

To ensure that customers, designers, installers and maintenance personnel are properly equipped with the skills to run steam systems as efficiently and effectively as possible, we have invested in providing a training and development facility, dedicated to sharing our knowledge in steam system applications.

Experienced training engineers with up-to-date skills and expertise and a specially equipped training centre are the key factors in our highly-qualified courses.

A menu of specialist training courses is designed so there is certain to be one to suit you:

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The training sessions include:

  • Classroom exercises including sessions that can replicate and resolve all of the everyday issues you are likely to face.
  • Educational films and slides are shown during sessions.
  • Accredited certifications are awarded at the end of each course.
  • There is the possibility to hold courses on-site or at your company.

Training courses available:

  • Steam System Design
  • Steam System Maintenance
  • Energy Saving and Efficiency in Steam System
  • Condensate System and Steam Traps
  • Steam Control Systems (Level, Pressure, Temperature)