For the first time in Iran, Machine Sazi Arak Co. has manufactured hot water and steam boilers under the license of John Thompson co. (England). By now, the company has over 40 years of experience in designing and fabrication of steam and hot water boilers.

MSA is the first certified Iranian company in ISO 9001. In addition to local markets, the company has attracted global markets. Employing 2500 experts and utilizing modern equipment and industrial research centers, synchronized by other accredited producers of steam boilers, the company is always trying to present qualified productions based on the latest technologies.

Radiography, ultrasonic and liquid penetration tests are always applied under the supervision of quality control (QC) inspectors on the welding lines. The boiler structure is hold in a stress relieving furnace in temperature of 600 ± 20°c to reach a steady molecular structure and deletion of remaining tension. Hydrostatic test would be done based on BS 2790 standard and 1.5 times more than designed pressure after tubing. In the final step, the burner will be tested for about 24 hours. The quality and standard certificates are issued for each boiler after checking all controllers and indicators.

All the designs used in this factory are confirmed by TUV CO. (Austria).


  • Boiler type: Fire-tube (Wetback)
  • Design standard: BS 2790-1992
  • Material standards:
    • BS 1501-151 GR. 430A for plates
    • BS 3059 PART1 H.F.S for tubes
    • BS 3602 GR.23 OR 27 HFS for stay bars
  • Radiography: based on BS standard
  • Working pressure: up to 450 psi or according to customer’s order
  • Hydrostatic pressure test: 1.5 times over the designed pressure
  • Steam temperature: saturated temperature of 185°c in 150 psi
  • Steam temperature of superheater: 350°c
  • Electrical power consumption: 3 phase, 380v, 50 Hz.
  • Burner type: Hamworthy model or other types will be installed due to customer’s order
  • Fuel type: gasoil, heavy fuel oil, CNG (compressed natural gas)
  • Valves and controllers: vent valve, blowdown valve, main steam stop valve, feed check valve(s), sampling valve, water level controllers, water level gauges, pressure switches and safety valve(s)
  • Electrical panel is fully automatic and equipped with various audible and visual alarm systems such as indicating lights, low water level alarms, missfiring of burner, and in case of opening the electrical panel door for any reasons the burner would be shut down.

MSA boilers benefits

  • Small size, high efficiency, easy installation & starting up as well as transportationnhe
  • Applying the latest authentic standards in designing and materials
  • Quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) throughout the fabrication procedure
  • All process will be supervised by 3rd party insurance during manufacturing
  • Free operational and maintenance courses in MSA CO. Training Complex.
  • Availability of spare parts and after-sale services from authorized agencies
  • Engineering consultation in optimal selection of boilers
  • Equipped with safety and alarm systems
  • Ability of reaching to the final efficiency by changing the work pressure
  • Capability of installing superheater system to produce dry steam based on order
  • Ability of installing economizer to increase efficiency

After-sale services

  • Free of charge installation and training
  • 24 months guarantee after purchasing or one year guarantee after boiler start up
  • Two free of charge services during the first year of starting up
  • In center of provinces, representatives and after-sale offices are ready to support the customers.


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